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Technical Expertise

River Technics undertakes the complete technical management on river cruise ships. Our range includes all services for the construction, maintenance and operation of inland vessels in Europe.

As the market leader, we manage a fleet of over 60 vessels for our clients on European inland waterways.


The requirements for shipping operation are complex. The technical regulations must always be in line with the applicable laws and safety regulations.

River Technics’ services include budgeting for planned maintenance on the ships, preventive maintenance, ship repairs, technical support for new builds, ship conversions and certificate renewals, ship digitization, performance optimization and crew management on board.

Due to the size of the fleet, the professional purchasing team procures ship equipment with a best price guarantee, to the benefit of our customers.

We respond to the needs and targets of environmental compatibility and digitization of the managed ships with transparent and innovative systems.

Technical management

River Technics offers all services and products required for the proper technical management of a vessel.


With decades of experience, our technical management budgets for planned maintenance, vessel conversions and seasonal repairs that may arise during operational service.

Inspections, Repair & Maintenance

We monitor ship inspections and supervise repair and maintenance work. In doing so, our technical management stays in close contact with the client, provides reporting and ensures the flawless implementation of the activities.


Benefit from decades of experience of our technical ship management to minimize operating costs on river cruise vessels to increase your margins. We also focus on the development, planning and installation of environmentally friendly engines and propulsion systems. In addition, we develop and distribute software, hardware and systems for inland vessels.

Nautical crew administration

River Technics recruits and mans the vessels for its clients, while setting the highest standards of training for the engineers on board.


We recruit qualified engineers to the various types of vessels, placing the highest demands on the competent and well-trained crew on board in order to meet the applicable high safety standards at all times.


The training of the crew is important to us. We train sailors and care for next generation engineers. The work in the engine room of a ship is complex and places high demands on the crew. Therefore, we attach great importance to the regular self improvement of our crew.


We take care of the complete personnel and payroll administration for the shipping company.

Repair, maintenance & investments

The managed vessels are maintained carefully and according to high quality standards. River Technics plays a leading role in the digitization of ships and sets new standards in preventive ship maintenance.

Planning of maintenance work

The life cycle of the machinery on board can be planned and is integrated into a maintenance scheme by our technical specialists. In various budget overviews, the shipowner or ship operator always has a plannable maintenance budget at one’s fingertips.

Preventive maintenance

The more digital information is available, the more efficient and reliable the preventive maintenance of the ship. The investment in a “digital ship” is worthwhile, as significant costs can be saved through preventive measures. We are leaders in the implementation of these preventive facilities.


We coordinate the purchasing and logistics of products to the ships. Through the purchasing volume, our group of companies benefits from best price guarantees from the suppliers, which are passed on to the customer.


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